How It Works


  • Do a deep dive or pick and choose modules as you need them.
  • Each module is available in written, video, and audio formats.
  • Use the worksheets, checklists, and templates to track your progress.


  • Access to resume writers, career coaches, and top-rated recruiters throughout the program.
  • Get exclusive membership to our Facebook group to help each other and share successes.
  • Insider tips from executive recruiters through an “ask the recruiter” session.


  • Nearly 150 years of experience writing resumes and helping job seekers land jobs.
  • More than 250 years of executive recruiting experience in various industries.
  • A team of marketing professionals who are committed to your career success.


We are confident that, if you fully invest in the Career Advancement Program, you will see results. If, after completing the entire program, you don’t receive multiple offers within two months, we’ll refund your monthly membership.

Most of us average 12 jobs throughout our careers, and nearly half of those positions happen between the ages of 18 and 24. If you’re older than 24, you probably haven’t looked for a job in a while. The situation has changed, and you might feel a little lost.

Resume and Career Services is here to help.

Our self-paced curriculum includes six courses—each with more than 12 video and written lessons—designed to help you in your career journey, no matter where you are. Take them in order, choose the ones that resonate most, and do a deep dive or just stick your toe in the shallow end. No matter how you approach it, you’ll find that you have access to a repository of information. Plus, you’ll also be talking to resume writers, career coaches, and recruiters who are here to help you succeed.

What to Expect

As a member of Resume and Career Services’ online community, you have unlimited access to every course we offer. And spoiler alert: We’re adding new lessons all the time! You can go through them in the order they’re presented, or you can pick and choose exactly what you need right now in your career journey. Then you can go back and review as needed.

Each lesson is offered in written format as well as through a video, so if you learn better by reading or watching/listening, you’ll find what you need. Plus, many lessons include additional resources for your search, such as checklists, worksheets, and templates. And we have step-by-step directions to build your resume and LinkedIn profile.

Our team of resume writers, career coaches, and recruiters are here to support you throughout your journey. Plus, you’ll gain access to our exclusive online community, which allows you to interact with other job seekers and ask questions of our team as well. Our goal is to help you advocate for yourself and, in essence, become your own recruiter!

Getting Started

Becoming a member is as easy as enrolling. You’ll pay for your first month and get started. Your subscription will automatically renew each month, and you can cancel at any time. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

We look forward to sharing in your success along your career journey!

Educated. Empowered. Employed.


We offer a membership-based curriculum focused on preparing job seekers to find opportunities and secure offers. Courses include Launching Your Career Search, LinkedIn, Resume Writing, Networking, Interview Preparation, and Getting the Job.
Backed by the strength of a team with extensive experience in career development, interviewing, and resume writing, Resume and Career Services’ courses have been designed to give job seekers the inside track to finding their next opportunity. Through a membership-based, self-paced program, job seekers are empowered to be their own career advocates.
Membership is $99.99 a month, and you can remain a member for as long as you like or cancel at any time.
Yes. Once you join the program, you will be able to contact your career advocate. You will also gain access to our exclusive online community. If you have questions before joining, you can contact
Once you are a paid member with Resume and Career Services, you will be sent instructions on how to join our community of job seekers. The online forum is mediated by members of our team, so you’ll also have access to professionals through the group.
Your membership is restricted to the one person who signs up for the program. However, if you would like to share this information with others, we welcome the referrals!
Since our program is designed to help you become your own career advocate, we suggest that you go through the resume and LinkedIn courses first. Through them, many of your questions and concerns will be asked, and you can begin to create documents that will help you be seen. Then, once you’ve made your own updates, our team will provide constructive feedback to finesse your resume and online personal brand.
You can cancel your membership at any time by logging into your account and selecting MY ACCOUNT in the menu. Your membership will continue through the end of the month in which you are paid, and you will not be charged after that. We regret that we cannot offer refunds on any memberships that have already been paid.

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