5 Things You’re Not Doing on LinkedIn—and Should Be

5 Things You’re Not Doing on LinkedIn—and Should Be

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There’s no doubt that today’s job market is competitive. There’s so much that candidates need to have at the ready to be successful. While a resume is still the basis of a strong job search, LinkedIn is a huge component of your personal brand. Is your LinkedIn profile up to snuff when it comes to what employers are looking for? And is there more you could be doing? If you’re like most job seekers, the answer is likely yes. Here are the things you’re not doing on LinkedIn but need to do to ensure your profile is seen by the employers and recruiters who are looking for you.

1. Posting Fresh Content Regularly

LinkedIn is not a “set it and forget it” social media platform. Unfortunately, you cannot just complete and optimize your profile and sit back to wait for the job offers to show up. One of the top things you’re not doing on LinkedIn—along with millions of other people—is sharing content.

➡️ Did you read an article that intrigued you?

➡️ Have you learned something new?

➡️ Are you attending a seminar or networking event?

These and many more are valuable items to share on LinkedIn. Your content could be a simple post, image, or video. If you really want to up your game, write a blog about the experience and post it on the platform.

Sharing content helps to keep you top of mind with your connections, making them more likely to remember you when opportunities arise.

2. Building and Expanding Your Network

5 Things You're Not Doing on LinkedIn—NetworkingJust as you network in person, networking on LinkedIn is powerful. It’s imperative that you build and grow your network as you move forward, whether you’re currently looking for a job or not. Expand your network by reaching out to colleagues, classmates, friends, industry professionals, and thought leaders. If you’re at the start of your LinkedIn journey, aim for 500 connections in your network. If that feels like too big of a number, shoot for 10 a week; you’ll get there. Once you get the ball rolling, you’ll see that you receive more connection requests as well.

The larger your network, the closer you’ll be to the people you want to meet. And that means more opportunities for mentorship, collaboration, and job prospects. Step out of your comfort zone and meet new people. They might just be the opportunity that will land you a connection you never thought possible.

3. Getting Active in LinkedIn Groups

If you’re like most LinkedIn users, one of the things you’re not doing on LinkedIn is being active in groups. And honestly, that’s not your fault; most people don’t even know there are</> groups on LinkedIn!

To access groups, just type the keywords you’re looking for in the search bar. When the results come back, you’ll see that there are several options across the top of the site. Click on “groups,” which will show you all the groups that include those keywords. Search for your job title, your industry, and “neighboring” industries (e.g., mortgage and real estate). You do have to request to join groups, but if your profile is complete, acceptance is generally fairly automatic.

Once involved in groups, post there from time to time and comment on other members’ posts, just as you would on your newsfeed. Plus, some people will post their jobs in groups because they have a captive audience. Win win!

4. Leveling Up with LinkedIn Premium Career

Have you considered paying for LinkedIn? If you’re on the fence, it might be time to invest in your job search. At just $40 per month, LinkedIn Premium Career offers a range of exclusive features that can elevate your professional journey. You’ll get access to advanced search capabilities, allowing you to filter job postings based on specific criteria and streamline your job search to target the opportunities that best align with your goals.

LinkedIn Premium CareerIn addition to advanced job-searching capabilities, LinkedIn Premium Career membership enables you to expand your people searching. There’s a limit of around 200 per day with a free membership, but once you pay, your LinkedIn world opens. Plus, with five InMails included each month, you can easily reach out to the people on your list. Hello, future employer!

With a paid LinkedIn membership, you’ll gain insights into the skills employers are looking for, which enables you to tailor your profile and increase your chances of landing your dream job. Additionally, if learning is your thing, you’ll have full access to LinkedIn Learning, a vast library of courses and tutorials for continuous skill development.

Still on the fence? Remember this is one of the things you’re not doing on LinkedIn—and neither is anyone else. By taking the plunge, you’ll advance your efforts and results. And if money is the issue, you can join for a month at a time, cancelling whenever you’d like, and the first month is often free.

5. Researching Companies and Key Decision Makers

Whether or not you choose to pay for LinkedIn, the site remains a powerful search engine. Start with your targeted company and look to see who the key people working there are. That might be the person who would supervise the role you want, recruiters, members of the talent-acquisition team, or someone in HR. If you have an interview coming up, review the interview committee to gain insights into their background, giving you something interesting to talk about once you meet them.

Be sure to follow the company on LinkedIn too, as they may well be posting regularly. Through those posts, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of their mission, culture, and values so you can tailor your job application and interview preparation accordingly. It will also illuminate how much of a fit you are with your target company.

Applying for a role? Look up the name of the person who might receive your resume so you can personalize your cover letter. Then send that decision maker a note on LinkedIn to follow up after you apply.

How to Fix the Things You’re Not Doing on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one tool in your job-search toolbox. By getting a handle on the things you’re not doing on LinkedIn, you’ll put this tool to work. Spending just a few minutes daily on the platform can result in a more robust network, increased conversations, and better opportunities.

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