Getting the Job

You’ve applied, you’ve interviewed, and now it’s time to turn those meetings into your next job. But saying that is often easier than doing that—especially if you haven’t interviewed in a while.

In this course, you’ll obtain strategies for following up after the interview, managing multiple offers, and negotiating the salary and benefits you’re looking for. Plus, we’ll even help you get set up to excel in your new role before your first day.

Lessons include:


  • Write a Follow-up Note That Drives the Conversation Forward
  • After the Thank-you Note: What’s Next?
  • Communication Strategies When Hiring Managers Ghost You

Managing Offers

  • Leverage Responses and Feedback from Different Committees to Get the Job
  • When the Job Offer Doesn’t Meet Your Expectations
  • How to Manage Multiple Offers
  • Negotiate the Best Offer without Jeopardizing Your Chances
  • How to Buy Time Following a Job Offer
  • What to Do When You’re Offered Less than You Expected


Starting the Job

  • How to Resign with Grace
  • 15 Things to Think about When Starting a New Job
That next job is as good as yours with these new tools in your toolbox. You’ll never have to worry if you took a job that wasn’t a good fit or for too little money. Now you can know that you orchestrated your job search with finesse and tact.
So what are you waiting for? It’s time to make a shift in your career. We’re going to pave the way for you!