Interview Preparation

Securing an interview is always the goal of applying for jobs, but what do you do when you get to this point? There’s so much to think about, from what to wear to the questions you will be asked. Where do you start? Thankfully, you’ll get all the interview preparation you’ll need in this course.

We cover everything here, and we’ve been there—as interviewers, recruiters, and career advocates. You’ll benefit from our extensive experience preparing job seekers for interviews, and you’ll soon be able to turn opportunities into offers.

Lessons include:

Landing & Preparing for Your Interview

  • Application Accepted: When Can You Interview?
  • Research the Company and Interview Committee Before the Interview
  • Storytelling as a Tool to Ace Interview Questions
  • What’s the Appropriate Way to Dress for an Interview?
  • What to Prepare for Your Interview


  • How to Excel During a Phone Interview
  • Tips to Master Your Virtual Interview
  • Bring Your “A” Game to Your In-person Interview
  • Get Comfortable for Your Panel Interview
  • What about Coffee, Lunch, and Dinner Interviews?
  • Preparing for a Presentation or Business Plan Review
  • You’ve Scored a Final Interview; Now What?


  • Answering the Most Commonly Asked Questions
  • Behavioral / Situational Questions
  • Difficult Questions
  • Questions about Your Leadership Abilities
  • Great Questions to Ask in an Interview (and Some You Shouldn’t)


Close & Thank You

  • How to Address Objections and Close the Interview
  • What to Do When You Get an Offer During Your Interview

You can go through this entire course lesson by lesson first and then pull up just the refresher lessons you need as you continue to interview. Talk about a competitive advantage! Get ready to wow the hiring committee with how prepared you are.