Is Using ChatGPT for Resume Writing a Smart Choice?

Is Using ChatGPT for Resume Writing a Smart Choice

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In today’s competitive job market, job seekers are looking for any advantage they can get. As a savvy seeker, you have bountiful tools at your disposal, some of the most important being your network, LinkedIn, and a resume. But given that most people stay in a job 5–10 years, writing a resume and conducting a job search are most certainly not second nature. With the talk of AI and ChatGPT, you may be wondering if you should use ChatGPT for resume writing. That’s a great question, and one we’re tackling from a (somewhat) unbiased viewpoint (after all, we do write resumes as our profession).

Comparing a Resume Firm and ChatGPT for Resume Writing

ChatGPT, powered by OpenAI, is an advanced language model that has been trained on vast amounts of text data. It can generate human-like responses and understand context, making it a good option for various applications, including resume writing. While the technology is remarkable, it is essential to examine whether it can deliver the same level of expertise and personal touch that professional resume writers offer. You see, we’re not comparing ChatGPT with you writing your own resume; we’re comparing it with ourselves, a company that provides resume writing as a service.

In our comparison, we’ll review some key areas that are crucial to know to create an effective, interview-getting resume. By the way, this is a good evaluation tool for choosing a professional resume writer to work with as well, so even if you’re sure you don’t want to use ChatGPT for resume writing, you may still learn a few tricks for vetting a writing firm.

Ease of Use

ChatGPT for Resume Writing - ease of useSince you may not have updated your resume in a decade or more, you need an option that’s easy and, preferably, quick to implement.

ChatGPT for Ease of Use

If you have an internet connection and can type, you can use ChatGPT. Most people use the free version, so you don’t have to spend more than your time to create a new resume. Plus, ChatGPT is available around the clock, allowing you to work on your resume whenever it suits you. There’s no need to wait for an appointment or rely on human availability. You’ll also get your resume back to you within seconds, which is a huge benefit when time is of the essence.

But since AI systems are only as smart as the prompts they’re provided, the question of the ease of using ChatGPT for resume writing comes down to your knowledge of resumes. Not only will you need to have a sense of what you’ve done and accomplished, you’ll also need to feed that information into the chat website. And you’ll have to share a job that fits your experience, so you’ll get a document that complements the job description. Some people can get stuck with just this.

Resume Firm for Ease of Use

If you can speak to a human being, whether that is in person, on the phone, or via email, you can work with a professional resume writer. The lack of ease would be in identifying a quality writer in whom you can trust your future career. That’s why a little research is often required before settling on a professional resume-writing firm. Some good sites to look for a professional resume writer include:

You can also use LinkedIn Services, Yelp, and a good-old Google search to find a qualified writer in your region or industry.

As for how long it will take to get your resume completed, that depends on the firm you choose. The industry standard is around 10–14 days for a first draft, and that is often after you’re able to secure an initial appointment with your resume writer. You’ll want to take that timeline into account if you’re looking to apply for a position quickly. (FYI: At Resume and Career Services, you get your initial draft within one business day and most people are complete and ready to apply within a week.)


While ChatGPT has some amazing capabilities when it comes to creating content, the output is dependent on the input. The same is true of a resume writer, of course, so which should you choose?

ChatGPT for Content

Although ChatGPT is adept at generating text, it may struggle to fully grasp the unique needs, accomplishments, and career goals of individual job seekers. It might not capture the essence of your experience or tailor the content effectively. Likewise, ChatGPT may not possess the depth of knowledge about your industry that is needed to write a targeted document, potentially resulting in a more generic outcome.

When you ask ChatGPT to write a resume for a certain position, it may add information to your resume that is not what you have in your repertoire. We have seen ChatGPT-generated resumes add certifications a candidate did not possess, so if you choose this route, be careful. The last thing you want to do is lie on your resume.

Resume Firm for Content

Depending on the resume writer you choose to work with, you can find someone with a depth of experience in not only writing excellent resumes but in tailoring them to your field. Some professional writers are generalists with vast expertise, while others specify the types of candidates they support.

To create content, writers draw on their personal talents in resume creation, and they use you as a first-person source. They may also research your industry and jobs within that industry to ensure they are creating the best document for your needs. Resume writers obtain information from you in various ways, including your current resume, an intake form, or a conversation. Most experienced resume writers are able to draw the right information from you by asking probing questions or sharing scenarios they’ve seen in the past to get you thinking about your own experiences and accomplishments.

A Word about Accomplishments

Remember that accomplishments, especially in the form of stories, are what sell you as a capable candidate. Resume writers understand how to draw accomplishments out of their clients by asking the right questions and guiding you to think about your talents in a different way. Since ChatGPT doesn’t ask you questions at all, it will provide no support in this arena, so you will need to understand what an accomplishment is and how to share it on your resume.


Resumes are written for two distinct audiences: ATS systems and people. That could mean you have two very different-looking documents, or you could have one resume that serves two purposes.

ChatGPT for Formatting

If you are using ChatGPT for resume writing, it can offer guidance on resume formatting, such as font styles, headings, and bullet points. What it cannot do, however, is actually format the resume for you. You’ll have to have an understanding of how to create documents in Word, including shading and borders. You’ll also need to know what will and will not work with today’s ATS systems. Additionally, ChatGPT may be unable to adapt to different resume styles, preferences, or specific job applications, which could limit your document’s ability to stand out in a crowded applicant pool.

Resume Firm for Formatting

There are many ways to build a resume, depending on how you’ll be using it. It could be simple black on white, or it may incorporate headers, images, charts, and graphs. A professional resume writer will know what works given your industry and goals. But remember that some, if not most, resume writers are not graphic designers and will also follow the limitations of ATS compatibility.

Remember to Focus on ATS Compatibility

When creating a resume, regardless of whether you choose ChatGPT or a professional resume writer, your document must be ATS compatible to apply to positions online. That includes the right formatting and keywords to help your resume be seen. ChatGPT can suggest keywords based on a job search, but it has limits when it comes to formatting in a way that is both esthetically pleasing and works to parse information into ATS systems correctly.


ChatGPT for Resume Writing - costsIf you are in the process of launching a job search and need a resume, your budget may be at the top of your mind. We certainly understand that, and while you may be leaning toward a free option, let’s look at choosing a professional resume writer or ChatGPT for resume writing from a cost perspective.

ChatGPT for Cost

Yes, there is a paid version of ChatGPT, but most people use the free option. If you are confident in your skills and abilities in creating a resume and want some guidance and a check of your efforts, ChatGPT offers an affordable alternative, as it can provide basic resume assistance for free or minimal cost.

Resume Firm for Cost

The cost of working with a professional resume-writing firm can range from less than $100 to upwards of thousands of dollars (with most averaging $400–1,000). That can sound like a lot, especially if you’re not currently employed. A better way to look at the cost of a resume-writing firm is as an investment. If you get a new job paying more than you’re making now, the investment of a few hundred dollars will garner you a significant ROI. Remember that cheaper is not always better when choosing a professional writer. Always do your due diligence to ensure the investment is worth the outcome.

Is Using ChatGPT for Resume Writing a Smart Choice?

ChatGPT represents an exciting advancement in AI technology, offering job seekers an accessible and cost-effective tool for resume creation. However, it is essential to recognize the limitations of AI in fully replacing human expertise. As an Indeed article recently shared, “… ChatGPT can give you an amazing template that shows you exactly what to put where, but it can’t speak to the visceral experience of your past employment.” And that’s where an experienced writer can make a huge difference.

Some might say the best approach is to combine the efficiency of ChatGPT with the experience and customization provided by a professional resume writer. And that can be a great start if you’re still on the fence. You can generate a resume out of ChatGPT, see how it works for you, and if you’re not getting the results you’d like, start searching for a resume-writing firm. But remember to always vet anyone you choose to work with. Ask good questions about their success and experience as well as how they obtain the information they need to write your resume. Make sure they’re familiar with ATS compatibility and have a way to get accomplishments out of you. If not, it might be best to choose a DIY path and take your chances with ChatGPT.

Learn more about Resume and Career Services and how our experienced writers provide a personalized approach to helping you secure more interviews faster.